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Category Steelmax Tools
Steelmax will develop and market leading edge metal cutting, drilling, automation and forming technology to help our customers and their companies become more productive, profitable and competitive.
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SteelMax 14" Dry Cut Chop SawSteelMax 14" Dry Cut Chop Saw
SteelMax 230 9 1/4" Fire/ Rescue Steel Cutting SawSteelMax 230 9 1/4" Fire/ Rescue Steel Cutting SawDesigned for Fire / Rescue Professionals
SteelMax 9" Metal Cutting SawSteelMax 9" Metal Cutting Saw
SteelMax BM16 Portable Plate Beveling Machine and AccessoriesSteelMax BM16 Portable Plate Beveling Machine and AccessoriesBM15 Portable Beveler Bevel or Radius Flat, Curved or Rolled Plate
SteelMax D1 Magnetic Base Drilling MachineSteelMax D1 Magnetic Base Drilling Machine
Steelmax D1 PRO - High Production Magnetic DrillSteelmax D1 PRO - High Production Magnetic Drill
SteelMax D2X Magnetic Base Drilling MachineSteelMax D2X Magnetic Base Drilling MachineThe D2x is a powerful magnetic drilling machine with a high-torque 1260 watt electric motor and a 2" (51 mm) hole capacity in 2" (51 mm) thick material.
SteelMax D3Xs Magnetic Base Drilling MachineSteelMax D3Xs Magnetic Base Drilling MachineD3XS Portable Magnetic Drill 3x3 Varibale-Speed Drill with Swivel Base
SteelMax D4X Magnetic Base Drilling MachineSteelMax D4X  Magnetic Base Drilling MachineD4X Portable Magnetic Drill (Heavy-Duty) The D4x is equipped with a 4-speed mechanical gearbox and a motor overload protection system with LED indicator.

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