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Durabilt Rigging Equipment

Durabilt Rigging and Towing Equipment

DURABILT delivers 3 generations of dedication to the commitment of manufacturing certified quality in every product. Our quality controls are applied at virtually every level during the research, development, production, distribution & after sales service to the customer.

At DURABILT, the commitment & spirit of V.S. Durbin Jr. lives on from 1938. History is repeating Itself today!

Become a part of the spirit and remember, DURABILT has been BINDING FRIENDSHIPS WORLDWIDE since 1938.
When your securing loads and equipment. You deserve the best rigging and securing equipment available. We understand that selecting the best securing equipment including load binders, tie downs, the hardware is crucial to arriving safe and sound.

Quality and reliability in your rigging hardware and towing equipment is necessary for your trailer, tow truck, auto hauler, or work truck so you can keep moving and get the job done safely and effectively. Aside from the standard, every day rigging gear, Durabilt offers a vast variety of product options to secure your load just the way you want it.

Selecting the best securing and rigging equipment is crucial to keeping your workplace as safe as possible. Too often, most businesses are not sure exactly what they need. We can help you choose between the wide variety of rigging and securing equipment available so you are confident. Please give us a call with any questions that you might have.

Load Limits

Consider your load limit and the maximum weight that you are carrying. Each hoist, hook, and binder you are using should be approved for the load limit you are hauling. It is always better to use a piece of equipment that can handle more weight than you are loading.


Rigging and securing equipment is not something to skimp on. Your putting your safety and the safety of your load in the hands of durable equipment. Quality equipment that is properly maintained will last through hundreds of lifts and hauls with the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have any load issues along the way.
DURABILT Ratchet Load BindersDURABILT Ratchet Load Binders

Ratchet Load Binders

Also called a ratchet chain or ratchet binder, this device uses a ratcheting action to tension chain and secure cargo. A ratchet binder consists of a ratchet handle and two tension hooks on each end.
DURABILT Lever Load BindersDURABILT Lever Load Binders

Lever Load Binders

Drop-Forged Clevis & Tongue - Ball & Socket • Continuous Dual-Swivel Movement of 360° - • Heat - treated Component Parts • Clear Viewing of Working Load Limit identified • on each binder(D.O.T.Regulation Binders)
DURABILT Compactor & Baler RatchetsDURABILT Compactor & Baler Ratchets

Compactor & Baler Ratchets

DURABILT DurapullersDURABILT DurapullersDurapullers
THE TOOL WITH INFINITE USES Stretching - Aligning - Pulling - Positioning - Tightening
DURABILT Ratchet StrapsDURABILT Ratchet Straps
DURABILT Tie-Down StrapsDURABILT Tie-Down Straps

Tie-Down Straps

DURABILT Winch Binders / Winch BarsDURABILT Winch Binders / Winch Bars

Winch Binders & Winch Bars

Standard height winches are for bottom mounting only. Low Profile winches are desgined for side mounting only. Deep Storable winches are for bottom mounting also and offer added capacity for storing up to 30' of webbing. All Winch Binders are Painted with "Hard Coat" - Black Enamel
DURABILT Forged Hooks & BlocksDURABILT Forged Hooks & BlocksForged Hooks & Blocks
DURABILT Lashing Chains & LinksDURABILT Lashing Chains & Links

Lashing Chains & Links

DURABILT lashing chains available in Grade 80 and Grade 70 .... Bulk Chain full drums in all sizes.  5/16" - 3/8" - 1/2"  ---- ALSO Master and Connecting Links
DURABILT / DURALIFT Lever & Chain HoistsDURABILT / DURALIFT Lever & Chain Hoists

Lever Hoists & Chain Hoists

Every Durabilt Chain and Lever Hoist is operationally tested to 150% of the rated load capacity and issued an individual serial number and test certificate.
DURABILT Forged Anchor ShacklesDURABILT Forged Anchor ShacklesDurabilt Forged Anchor Shackles / All Shackle are type approved - Size and WLL Permently shown on Shackle Body - All Forged Steel with Alloy Pins - All Shackles 100% Crack Detection during Manufacturing - All cycle fatique rated to 1.5 time WLL - DO NOT EXCEED RATED CAPACITY
DURABILT Web & Round Sling ShacklesDURABILT Web & Round Sling ShacklesDurabilt Web and Round Sling Shackle / All Forged Alloy - Bolt Type & Screw Pin Type - Available from 3 1/4 to 35 Ton Capacity - Design Factor 5 to 1 All Alloy Forging - Size and WLL Forged on each Shackle - DO NOT EXCEED RATED CAPACITY
DURABILT / DURATEX Polyester RoundsDURABILT / DURATEX Polyester RoundsDurabilt Polyester Rounds / All Round Slings manufactured to WSTDA Specs. - Color Coded for rated capacity indentification - Double Wall for longer sling life - Blue/Green Warning Yarns provide indication for sling replacement - Design Factor 5 to 1 - DO NOT EXCEED RATED CAPACITY
DURABILT / DURATEX Nylon Eye & Eye SlingsDURABILT / DURATEX Nylon Eye & Eye SlingsDurabilt / Duratex 2 Ply Eye & Eye Nylon Slings - 1" thru 4" - 2 Ply /  Clear Identifacation Tags make it easy to determine type and capacity, High quality construction from full-wrapped eyes to Dura-Edge protection, to Inner sling Red Core Warning Yarns to provide a visual warning on the life of the sling. Please do not exceed rated capacity .....
DURABILT / DURATEX Endless SlingsDURABILT / DURATEX Endless SlingsDURABILT / DURATEX Endless Slings - 1" thru 4" - 2 Ply /  Clear Identifacation Tags make it easy to determine type and capacity, High quality construction from full-wrapped eyes to Dura-Edge protection, to Inner sling Red Core Warning Yarns to provide a visual warning on the life of the sling. Please do not exceed rated capacity .....
DURABILT Tow and Recovery StrapsDURABILT Tow and Recovery Straps

Recovery and Tow Straps

Durabilt Recovery and Tow Straps - Tow Master Vehicle Recovery Tow Straps feature engineered enhanced polyester fibers, further strengthened with...

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