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More efficient than any portable metal cutting process you are using now!   

Increase Productivity - No Milling or de-burring with near-surgical dry-cut technology. 

Cuts a Variety of Metals, Plastic and Wood - Bring your saw to the work-piece while cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum as easy as it cuts plywood.          

Cool-to-the-Touch - No waiting for your workpiece to cool down. Just cut it and handle it.              

Precise Cutting - With integrated laser sighting system. (models S7 - S9)

SteelMax 14" Dry Cut Chop Saw

SteelMax 14" Dry Cut Chop Saw
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S14 Metal Cutting Saw with 14" Blade and Stable Cast Iron Base

Pick up a Steelmax saw this morning, and it can pay for itself by the end of the day.
When a saw is engineered to work as efficiently as the Steelmax S14, your purchase pays immediate dividends. With its precise, fast, clean, burr-free, cool-to-touch cutting, further processing is eliminated, saving you expensive de-burring and further machining. Only Steelmax has a “flip plate” built onto its base that allows the S14 to securely hold round material, pipe and tubing so it doesn’t come loose or turn when being cut – which could damage the material or blade. And its exclusive heavy cast iron base reduces vibration to extend blade life and provide more precise cutting.

◦Mitering capability up to 45º

◦Powerful 1750W motor

◦1450 rotations per minute

◦Stable cast iron base

◦Quick adjustment vise with innovative quick-pipe clamp

◦14” blade diameter

◦Pipe capacity up to 4-3/4"

◦1” Arbor Bore, chip collection tray

◦Includes a 14" TCT mild steel cutting blade

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SteelMax 9" Metal Cutting Saw

SteelMax 9" Metal Cutting Saw
SteelMax 9" Metal Cutting Saw
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S9 Metal Cutting Saw with Laser Guide

Pick up a Steelmax saw this morning, and it can pay for itself by the end of the day.
The most powerful saw of this size in the market, the Steelmax S9 is designed for heavy duty industrial uses and widespread on-site applications including: fabrication, construction, and fire and rescue. Competitively priced, the S9 cuts mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum as easy as cutting plywood.
This versatile saw cuts mild steel up to 1/2" thick and has a depth of cut of 3-1/4" for cutting pipe, channel, angles, car posts, and sheet metal. It delivers a cool-to-the-touch, precise, and burr-free cut in seconds. A laser alignment guide speeds set-up time for accurate, straight and long cuts.
It takes less than 6 seconds to cleanly cut 4" x 1/2" mild steel. No milling or de-burring with a near-surgical dry-cut technology.

◦Blade guiding laser

◦Unique cover collects chips and sparks

◦Includes a 9" TCT mild steel cutting blade

◦Includes a carrying case, hearing and eye protection, and extra brushes

◦UL 745 certified

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SteelMax  Saws and Blades Q&A


How are the SteelMax saws able to cut through metal so quickly and cleanly?

Powerful motors, hardened gears, and slower rotations, along with our superior carbide tipped blades.

What is special about the SteelMax Blades?

We use only the highest quality tungsten carbide from Germany in our tips that are brazed onto special grade of steel. We make blades for different applications and materials with all saws ready for use with a standard mild steel cutting blade installed. Other blades offered include Aluminum cutting blades, Stainless Steel cutting blades, Thin Steel cutting blades, and a new wood cutting blade for the S7.

How long will the blades last?

There are to many variables to give an absolute answer as there are a wide variety of materials and all users are different, therefore we can not warranty blade life. We can confidently state that we have thousands of satisfied customers that regulary reorder our products as they save money through efficiency. We still find referral as our grested source of new business.

What limitations are recommended for each of the saws?

  • The S7 can cut mild steel up to 5/16" thick with a depth of cut of 2 1/4"
  • The S9 can cut mild steel up to 1/2" thick with a depth of cut of 3 1/4"
  • The S14 can cut mild steel up to 1" thick with a capacity of 4 3/4"

What are the best applications for the SteelMax saws?

The saws are designed for cutting profiles; angles, channels, box tubing, square tubing, pipe round tubing and small solids.

Who can best benefit from using the SteelMax saws?

These are high performance tools for professionals. We currently sell to: the military; fire & rescue; welders; fabricators; plumbers; carpenters; roofers; farmers; maintenance crews; manufactures; anyone that has to cut mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or sheet metal.

Why use the SteelMax saws?

These tools are portable, powerful, light-weight, affordable and efficient. Our saws go to the job and get the job done. It's all about getting the job done right, quickly, saving time and ultimately, money. We guarantee this.



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