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EVOLUTION Cyclone Cutters

Cyclone Annular Cutters

Cyclone annular cutters are guaranteed to outperform annular cutters made out of HSS, Cobalt, or Tini Coated Cutters. Because...

• The Tini Coating on HSS annular cutters increases the cost of the cutter but only enhances the cutter’s appearance.
• HSS M-2 Annular Cutters can only be heat treated up to 64 RC before they become too brittle.
• Cobalt Annular cutters can only be heat treated up to 66 RC before they become too brittle.
• Cyclone Premium Annular Cutters can be heat treated up to 68 RC and they still have tempered hardness.

A higher RC rating without brittleness means more holes cut per sharpening.

Cyclone Premium Annular Cutters are available in stock for immediate delivery in the following size ranges:

Short Series - 1" length, 7/16" - 2-3/8" Diameter
Long Series - 2" length, 7/16" - 2-3/8" Diameter

Evolution has adaptors available to enable Cyclone Annular Cutters to be used in certain quick change chuck drilling machines. Please enquire.

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