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Allegro Safety

Since 1987, Allegro Industries has been dedicated to offering high quality safety equipment to distributors and industry. “Our growth in this market is a result of our commitment to the design and manufacture of innovative, quality products that meet the needs of industry, and make safety compliance easier,” commented Tom Johnston, President of Allegro Industries.

Allegro Safety - Axial 8" BlowersAllegro Safety - Axial 8" BlowersAllegro Safety 8" Axial Blowers offers lightweight construction, with high output. Designed with tough steel construction, to hold up to the toughest work conditions. Offered in AC / DC / Explosion Proof.
Allegro Safety - Axial 12" BlowersAllegro Safety - Axial 12" BlowersThe polyethylene housing and canister assembly are designed to be both light­weight and super quiet. Made of corrosion, UV and chemical resistant polyethylene in safety orange.
Allegro Safety - Axial 16" BlowersAllegro Safety - Axial 16" BlowersFor very large confined spaces this large, 16” axial blower delivers high output for drawing or pushing air. The durable and tough metal housing holds a 6 blade impeller. It is designed for easy stacking for multiple blower use.
Allgro Safety - Axial 20" BlowersAllgro Safety - Axial 20" BlowersIntended for large confined spaces, this 3 blade impeller can be used for ventilating or extricating air. It comes with 16 gauge cold rolled steel housing and integrated carry handles on four sides.
Allegro Safety - Centrifugal BlowersAllegro Safety - Centrifugal BlowersExcellent for most ventilating needs, especially confined space. Designed with tough polyethylene housing, metal safeguards and a steel fan for durability. Two 8" ports offer positive ventilation or fume extraction, and the metal base with feet offers greater stability
Allegro Safety - Venturi BlowersAllegro Safety - Venturi BlowersCompressed air or saturated steam is the power source for our Venturi Blower line. Small volumes of high velocity air (from the compressed air source) run through the casting and out the nozzle jets, creating a venturi action or pulling action that creates large volumes of air through the venturi and out the air diffuser.
Allegro Safety - Ducting & Duct StorageAllegro Safety - Ducting & Duct StorageAllegro can handle all your ducting needs with this extensive offering in 4 different diameters: 8”, 12”, 16” and 20”. The 8” ducting is available in 6’, 15’ and 25’ lengths. The 12”, 16” and 20” are available in 15’ and 25’ lengths.
Allegro Safety - Manhole Systems & AccessoriesAllegro Safety - Manhole Systems & AccessoriesAllegro Safety MVP Systems. The complete Ventilation Systems that include everything you'll need to vent your confined space site.
Allegro Safety - Blower AccessoriesAllegro Safety - Blower AccessoriesAllows safe connection of additional ducting for remote locations, this connector is constructed of galvanized steel with a raised lip to hold ducting in place.
Allegro Ergonomics / Back SupportAllegro Ergonomics / Back SupportReduce back stress and strain with a design so unique it’s patented.Allegro's three-part support is the key to a system that provides maximum back support with ease of movement. Please check out the stlyes offered....
Allegro Ergonomics - Wrist & Elbow SupportAllegro Ergonomics - Wrist & Elbow SupportFor firm support, Allegro Wrist Supports contain four stays on the front and back of the wrist to limit flexion (downward) and extension (upward) movement and encourage neutral wrist position. The straps wrap completely around the wrist for added support. Easy to put on, it is lined to keep hands dry....
Allegro Safety - Knee ProtectionAllegro Safety - Knee ProtectionGrueling deep knee work requires tough protection. Designed with lightweight pads capped by large abrasion-resistant rubber caps for long-lasting wear.

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