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Welding Supplies

Welding Supplies


Why Choose Victor Technologies ?
  • Leading application solutions.
  • Victor Technologies products offer features demanded in today's market, including ease-of use and ergonomic design.
  • Victor Technologies products offer the best warrenty in the industry and is backed by knowledgeable technical support.y market research and end-user feedback, providing product
  • Victor Technologies continues to come to the market with new product innovations backed by market research and end-user feedback, providing product features and performance demanded by today's professionals.
  • Victor Technologies has a strong history of providing products, programs, and promotions, driving sales opportunities year after year.
  • Victor Technologies Firepower brand is long-established in the Automotive Aftermarket, Farm, MRO and Tool and Equipment markets.

We’ve Revitalized the Firepower Brand

Victor Technologies is revitalizing the Firepower brand of metal cutting and welding equipment and accessories with a refreshed brand image and new products.  Firepower offers a full line of cutting and welding equipment, and will be introducing new products throughout the coming year.  Explore this site for Firepower oxy-fuel cutting outfits and portable tote kits, as well as regulators and individual handles and attachments for cutting, heating, and welding. 

Who We Are :
Victor Technologoies, Inc. is a company comprised of strong brands known for their athenticity, innovation and a deep connecton with end users. These Brands include:
  • Victor : With a deep history of safety, performance and reliability, Victor continues to be one of the most demanded gas regulators and torches in the world.
  • Tweco : Superior durability and high productivity make Tweco a world leader in MIG guns and consumables.
  • Thermal Dynamics : The innovator of manual plasma cutting technology, Thermal Dynamics plasma systems meet and exceed the performance demanded by professionals.
  • Thermal Arc : Featuring the latest technology in welding, Thermal Arc welding systems offer unmatched features and usability.
  • TurboTorch : The original and #1 brand name in air-fuel torches, TurboTorch is the brand demanded by professionals.
  • Firepower : A complete line of cutting and welding equipment and accessories with a heritage of performance.

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