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Steelmax Annular Cutters 1" DOC

Steelmax Annular Cutters 1" DOC
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*Competitively priced, SteelMax cutters last longer and deliver a burr-free reamed quality hole.
*Utilizing a special metallurgy, M2-AL, SteelMax cutters stay sharper longer with a Rockwell hardness of 68 at the tip, similar to cobalt, yet less brittle with more flexibility in the shank, HRC 55. This prevents breakage at the stress points while improving tip integrity and performance.
*Unique two cut geometry cuts holes smoother with less vibration.
*Available in a broad range of 64 cutters from 7/16" to 2 3/8" in both 1" depth of cut and 2" depth of cut.
*SteelMax cutters can be used with competitors mag-drills: our pilot pins work with all competitor's, except Hougen.
*Cutter life is extended with the recommended use of SteelMax True Blue, water soluble coolant.
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Steelmax Annular Cutters 2" DOC

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SteelMax Drill and Cutter Q & A

What unique SteelMax drill features will save me money?

SteelMax brand drills are the most advanced, low cost high performance drills availible today. Light weight, energy saving, low maintenance and safty first are just some of the stand-out features. Our drills actually help extend cutter life by eliminating runout through our unique rail system. This rail system eliminates 14 service parts while making the drill stiffer and totally eliminates gib maintenance.

Why use the SteelMax drills and cutters?

The drills and cutters will cut holes that are nearly reamed guality and burr-free in a "fraction of the time" of conventional drill bits. Time saving is typically 3-4 times of step drilling. SteelMax cutters can also be re-sharpened many times, which further lowers your cost per hole. Our unique metallurgy provides a Rockwell hardness of 68 at the tip, comparable to cobalt, but less brittle, with a shaft hardness of 55HRC. This stepped hardness provides greater durability.

What range of holes can SteelMax drills cut?

The d1 is designed to use SteelMaxx annular cutters to cut holes from 7/16" to 1 1/2" diameter through 2" depth of material in one pass. The d2 drill is designed to use SteelMax annular cutters to cut holes from 7/16" to 2 1/16" diameter through 2" depth of material in one pas. The d2 can also use twist drills with use of our 2MT 1/2" twist drill chuck. (sold separtley)

How does the magnet in the base of the drill function?

The smart magnet will not let the motor come on if there is insufficient magnetic holding power. In addition, if the magnet is left in the "ON" position with the drill motor"OFF" only 50% of the magnet strength is used. 100% magnetic hold is active only when the motor is running. The energy saving feature will prevent the magnet from overheating.

Can these drills make "blind" holes?

The d2 drill can drill blind holes with the use of our optional 2MT 1/2" drill chuck.

What is the most common use for the  drills?

Any welder or fabricator that needs through holes 7/16" and larger. Structural steel componets that need to be bolted togather are a prime application for the drill.

Can you use the drill in the horizontal position?

Yes however, since the coolant system is gravity fed, you most use an external source of lubrication such as an aerosol or edge cream.

Do the d1 and d2 need to be returned to a service center when repair or srvicing is needed?

No. Both the d1 and d2 drills are engineered to be serviced in the field due to design of modular componets that include the motor, control panel, gear housing, and magnet. Spare motor brushes are included with each machine.

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