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SteelMax Drills, Saws, and Fabrication Tools

Steelmax Mag Drills and Metal Cutting Saws

Why SteelMax?

  • Profit: SteelMax produces quality innovative tools that are priced to sell competitively and deliver strong margins.
  • Expertise: SteelMax specializes in making only metal cutting tools for professionals.
  • Experience: The SteelMax organization is made up of tool professionals with over 50 years of industry experience.
  • Quality: Both in production and design. We listen to our customers and constantly strive to improve the products we offer. All tools are covered by a one year warranty.
  • Customer Services: Weather troubleshooting technical questions or providing sales tools, our entire company is committed to giving excellent customer service.
  • Distribution: We sell only through authorized dealers and focus our sales to professionals only.
  • Results: SteelMax tools pay for themselves quickly and make you more money.


SteelMax Magnetic Drills

The only Drills GUARANTEED to give you extended Cutter Life. SteelMax drills maintain regidity and accuracy for the life of the drill.

Steelmax Saws

Guaranteed to save you TIME and MONEY / Cuts Steel in Seconds / Cool to the Touch / BURR free More efficient than any process you are using.
Steelmax wide range of beveling machines are heavy duty and produce the power and precision for beveling, facing and deburring steel plates, pipes and tubes. They are available in self propelled and manually operated versions.
SteelMax m2AL Annular Cutters / The only Cutters that Guarantee the lowest cost per-hole. 1" and 2" Depth of Cut.

Steelmax Annular Cutter Sets

YOUR CUTTERS WILL MAKE YOU MONEY. STAY ORGANIZED AND HAVE THE CUTTERS YOU NEED. Our wooden display cases will protect your cutters and keep them neatly organized. Choose from sets of 5 or 11 cutters in 1" or 2" lengths.
SteelMax m2AL Annular Cutters / The only Cutters that Guarantee the lowest cost per-hole. 1" and 2" Depth of Cut. Metric.

Steelmax Saw Blades

Metal Cutting Saw Blades Cut Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum Thin Steel Fast & Clean You won’t find a longer lasting, higher performing or cleaner cutting blade anywhere.

Automobile manufacturing, transportation modification, Marine, energy, and factories are just a few of the industries that keep America running. Quality metal cutting and fabrication tools are used everyday to maintain American’s way of life. Our metal cutting technology, saw, mag drills, and punches keep factories running, farmer’s working, and help to ensure the shelves are stocked when we go to the store.

Metal Cutting Tools

Because such a wide range of industries use metal cutting and fabrication tools, we understand no two industries have identical needs. Our products service a wide variety of industries and needs.

From saw blades to hydraulic punch OEM systems, each production facility, manufacturer, and repair shop has their own types of equipment, and ways of doing things unique to themselves. The plan is to get things done in the most efficient and economical way possible saving time and money…

The demand placed on the marketplace means there is no time for downtime or production delays. We have the tools to get the job done on schedule and on budget. Our metal cutting, drilling, and milling tools are used when only the best will do.

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