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YOKE, the professional industrial lifting safety hooks manufacturer, was created in 1985 and focused primarily on trading and virtual manufacturing at the very beginning. At present, on the other hand, the company is devoted to independent research, development, and manufacturing and is known for its innovative technologies in the industry.
In 1996, the company started its own brand YOKE and has been competing around the world in response to national industrial upgrading. Over the past more than 30 years, adhering to the belief in developing a “niche-based mainstream market”, the company has survived the trading period (1985-1990), the virtual plant period (1990-1996), and the manufacturing and R&D period (1997-2006) to reach today’s brand marketing period (2007-present). Subsidiaries are available in Mainland China at the moment, and there are about 100 distribution sites around the world. Both quality and technology are well reputed in international society.

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