FIREPOWER MST 220i Welding Machine

FIREPOWER MST 220i Welding Machine


The Firepower MST 220i has it all. It’s the only machine in the 3-in-1 line that offers 115 and 208/230V, and provides MIG, Stick and TIG welding outputs for use anywhere. Portable enough to take to the job site, yet with 210 Amps maximum output, it has the power to meet your large job demands.
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FIREPOWER MST 220i Welding Machine / 1444-0872

This welding system is perfect for automotive repair and customization, mechanical contractors, farms/ranches, maintenance and repair, and garage and job shops. The MST 220i allows you to choose the best process for your applications. The MIG process provides maximum productivity in the shop, while the Stick process works ideally outdoors, and TIG is for those welding applications that require more precise control. The MST 220i is also Spool Gun capable for Aluminum MIG welding. here is no other machine like the MST 220i, it’s a “must have” powerhouse!



Maximum output: 210 Amp
Welding Output @104°F (40°C)
110A / 19.5V @ 45% Duty Cycle
210A / 23.5V @ 20% Duty Cycle
Welding Output @104°F (40°C)
110A / 24.8V @ 35% Duty Cycle
200A / 25V @ 25% Duty Cycle
Welding Output @104°F (40°C)
150A / 16V @ 35% Duty Cycle
200A / 18V @ 25% Duty Cycle
Current Range
10 – 150 Amp
MIG Welding Voltage Range 14 – 30 Volt
Wirefeed Speed Range
100 – 600 IPM (2.5 – 15.2 m/min) @ 230V
100 – 400 IPM (2.5 – 10.2 m/min) @ 115V
Nominal OCV Volt/DC
62 Volt
Maximum Plate Thickness 3/8″ (12.7 mm)


Includes: Firepower MST 200i Power Supply, Firepower 220 Amp MIG Gun, Firepower Argon/CO2 Pressure Regulator / Gauge & Hose, Electrode Holder & Ground Clamp, 230V-115V Adapter Plug & Cable, Drive Roll & Contact Tips, and CD with Multi-Language Operating Instructions.



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Weight 50.0 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 20 in


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